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celebrating you and your connection

To us, celebrations are about experience, and we want to design thoughtful, intentional weddings and gatherings that celebrate who you are in the best way possible. Our goal is to help you dream and imagine a wedding that focuses solely on how you want to feel on your big day and how you want to share the celebration of your union with your loved ones.

We want you as a couple to find peace and equanimity, to fall deeper in love with one another during the planning process and to fully enjoy it, because our journey focuses on the very essence of your relationship.

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Planning your special day can be one of the best experiences of your life especially when paired with just the right kind of needed help. Picture meaningful one on one meetings infused with joy and laughter, a gentle, clear and solid guide about every single detail, ultimately piecing together a stunning tapestry displaying the unique and intricate details of who you are.
With a passion for slow living and an intuitive ability to connect deeply to people’s emotions and life stories, our process is designed to help you celebrate in whatever ways are most meaningful to you .

With great care and impeccable attention to details, we will plan your special day, attending to every single need from vision, to logistics to aesthetics. We want you as a couple to find peace and equanimity, to fall deeper in love with one another during the planning process and to fully enjoy it, because our journey focuses on the very essence of your relationship.

Full wedding planning includes everything from our signature from-the-heart approach to creating a wedding that describes you perfectly, over handling of logistics and vendor coordination, over wedding design, styling and florals. But most importantly, we will be your partner and shoulder to lean on, your guideposts leading up to your big day. And we cannot wait!

Investment starts at CHF8,000 for weddings
and CHF3,000 for elopements or micro weddings. 

your special day planned without worries to be entirely in line with who you are

Full wedding planning

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full wedding planning

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floral design

catering & intimate dinners

Whatever your special celebration: a wedding, a vow renewal, an elopement, a birthday, an anniversary, we discover the colourful pieces of what make you you – your personality, passions and life journey. This is the source from which we draw inspiration to conceive, form and execute the aesthetic vision for your celebration in a way that tells a memorable story and create a welcoming atmosphere.

Our work includes everything from creating a design storyboard, to sourcing table linens, flat- and glassware, floral designs and other decor as well as large scale installations. We blend the use of napkins, ornaments, signages and cutleries to create a cohesive and intimate experience for you. Together we handpick, then transform every detail, colours, textures, sizes and shapes, into a unified and meaningful work of art. From elaborate entrance- and stage decor to give your guests a sense of warm welcome and awe, to photo booths that will leave a memorable impression, we meticulously pull together details of each art piece in a way that adds to the overarching aesthetics of your event and reflects a beautiful story of who you are.

Investment starts at CHF5,000, subject to the location, the complexity of the design, the number of guests and additional staff required for the day. 

We only take on 12 event design projects per year, as we like to be fully intentional in our creative process.


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All of our floral designs are done in-house. Our garden-inspired, contemporary approach to creating art with flowers has nature and seasonality at the core. Out of love and respect for people and planet, we aim for a zero waste and sustainable floristry, doing away with the use of floral foam, bleached or dyed materials.

Flowers are a compelling avenue for creating meaningful and awe-inspiring ambience for your celebration. Our floral arrangements are inspired by seasons, we intentionally weave together the immaculate hues of colours, varied textures, shapes and sizes that each bloom carries to achieve a bold and passionate statement for you. 

We specialize in creating arrangements such as bouquets, centerpieces, floral installations and more sculptural floral creations for weddings and events as well as flower styling for photoshoots and brands. We are specially excited for floral projects that challenge and make use of 

Our minimum investment is 3,000chf for intimate events in Switzerland and 5,000chf for Europe and beyond. 

Embracing nature's gifts to share and delight in the present moment

Floral design & installations

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There is no better place to cultivate relationships, recount stories and create new memories, than around the table. To elevate the experience of eating together, we will take you on a journey accompanied by flavours, colours, and textures, and serve a unique, custom made menu for you and your loved ones.

We only offer catering to small weddings and events up to 30 guests. With a highly personal approach, we create a menu specifically guided by the person, the couple, the ocassion. A questionnaire is sent to you and we take inspiration from yours answers to concoct a multiple course dinner, a brunch or a luxury picnic. Drawing from world cooking traditions, your favorite cuisines and our own culinary adventures, this menu will not be repeated, and in that sense is unique as you. 

Time will stand still for a while as you rest and enjoy delicious food in the coziness of either your home, our home, or another location of your choice.

For events with a higher guest count, we collaborate with talented chefs and caterers to create an unforgettable dining experience, bringing to the fore our same values of good, clean, fair and beautiful food. 

Friends around the table, an anchor for the soul. 

Catering & intimate dinners

IMagine a day spent with all
The most important people
in your life, where nothing
feels forced. you're
Enveloped by that joyful
glow, and every now and
then you smile to yourself,
knowing that all of this will
stay with you forever.

our design ethos

Peace giving, comfort, taking stress away from you. We believe in slow living and want to give this to you in the process. Soul-digging. A process that takes you on a deeper journey into who you are as individuals and as a couple.

The planning journey should be an experience

This is usually your starting point for our design and planning process, It’s one of the first questions we ask you. Every other decision is based on this. We figure out exactly what makes you feel this way and translate this into a wedding experience.

Your wedding is about how you want to FEEL

We encourage you to forget everything in a typical wedding that does not serve you and cherish the ones that you can connect with. Your wedding can simply be a long al fresco dinner with friends and family, a picnic or a dance party – whatever is closest to your heart.

Traditions only if they are meaningful to you

We encourage you to invest in what you value. We focus on quality and meaning over quantity and give our wholehearted attention to the elements that really matter to you. There are no “shoulds’ on your big day.

Intention behind everything

We want you to be able to enjoy your day, have the most memorable time, connect to each of your guests and not miss dinner because you’ve been hopping from table to table just to get in a word with every guest. Smaller weddings  allow for more connection and a richer experience of the day – for you and your guests.

Celebrate only with the people who mean the most to you

We love fusing and reimagining traditions from different cultures, translating elements of your culture to the feeling of your wedding day and letting your guests experience your background, your heritage and your story in a way that is uniquely you.

Honoring heritage & culture in a personal way

We use seasonal, local products wherever possible, we aim to reduce waste in all of our processes, avoid single-use plastic, encourage artisanship and sourcing from small businesses. One of our core values is kindness, and we want our work to be kind to people and the planet.

Low impact & an aim for sustainability

In all of the weddings we do, we always aim to collaborate with artisans, local businesses, vendors and others that are meaningful to the couple or their story. We want every element of your wedding to be the best fit possible, we work with vendors that are best for you, we don’t use commissions.

Commitment to collaboration

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Are you interested in our help with your wedding? Let's check out what that process could look like!

I believe that in the same way that each one of us is unique, the design and planning process should also be unique and personal to you.  Creating a life celebration, one of the most personal and joy-giving experiences,  cannot be a ‘one size fits all’. But to help you imagine what it could be like, here is an example.

The planning experience

Our process

From inquiry to booking

You found us. You resonate with our values and aesthetics. To inquire, send us an email or fill our contact form. We will get back to you as soon as possible and set a date for our first meeting.

The first time we talk is not your average wedding consultation. Come and sit. Wether that be via zoom or face to face in my studio living room, I will prepare the space for you to feel safe and welcome. Homemade snacks on the table. Take a deep breath, a sip of your coffee - I will have a tea. Or perhaps I will make us some cocktails.

Every question I ask is designed for deepening our relationship and fostering a meaningful discussion right from the beginning. I want to unearth who you are and whats most important for you. I want to know about you, when do you feel most authentically you, how you met, what made you fall in love with one another, what inspires you in life, what do you value, how you want your wedding to feel, how YOU want to feel, and so much more. I listen carefully. I see you. The way you look at each other. The nuances of your voice as you are retelling stories. The words that you highlight without even knowing. I take notes of all of this. And while we talk, a thousand images race to my head.  For me, this is where the planning and design of your wedding experience begins, long before you have officially hired me. 

After our meeting, I go back to all my notes and scribbles and will create a custom made proposal and quote. Once you agree to it, a contract and a 40 % booking deposit invoice will be send to you and the journey together will officially begin. 

After booking, we send you our welcome guide that will help you understand exactly where our planning journey takes you. Then we dive deeper into you and how you imagine your wedding to fee. We will assist you in crafting the experience you want for you, your partner and your nearest and dearest, walking you through every logistic step, create timelines, choosing vendors, sending invites and more, making sure the process stays relaxed from day one to day of.

Through the whole planning journey, I am here to encourage you, reassure you in moments of doubt, to laugh with you, to answer all your questions, to remind you of what matters most, to be your sounding board, and to celebrate along the way how your relationship moves forward and deepens as we move in the planning process.

Once the big pieces are in place and all main vendors booked, I begin imagining the experience and the aesthetics of your day in detail. Beyond coming up with the pretty bits, my goal is to create a wedding experience that will ignite an emotional response in you and your loved ones. Every detail will be intentionally chosen to foster conviviality and connection.

And then the big day is finally here. All of this journey converges into this moment. Can you feel the anticipation and how your heart expands? Mine too! With my team, we will execute the wedding experience that you want and tear down all design elements on the day of. And if you invite me to coordinate, I’ll join you for a bit on the dance floor. 

planning, design & your big day

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My fiancé and I had a pretty specific vision of a small wedding nestled in a quaint town in the Swiss Alps, but with an elegant feel to it. So far, she has had no difficulty translating this vision into a reality.  The venue she helped us choose and design elements I’ve seen thus far are incredible. She is working to create a day that I couldn’t fully articulate, but somehow, is exactly what I’d imagined.

"I think one of Eva’s many talents is her ability to truly listen to her clients."

Susan G.

Our photographer recommended Eva and we knew right away that she was the one. What’s her edge? Her passion and work ethic. She cares deeply about her work and does not settle for mediocrity. You know the highest quality is guaranteed when someone made their passion their profession. If one detail can improve the whole experience, she will make it happen. At the end, we were blown away by what she and her team put together. Her talent cannot be overstated because everything she creates is an art. Every time we look at our photos we still gasp at the beauty of it.

"Everything Eva creates is art"

Lily L.

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Frequently asked

We are based in a quaint town, Orbe, in the French speaking part of Switzerland, serving the whole country and in Europe, as well as Dominican Republic and beyond. 

How long have you been planning and designing weddings? 

Officially with Avodah, it has been 5 years, although I, Eva,  have been in the event and hospitality world since 2010. 

Do you only plan small intimate weddings and celebrations? 

Depending on your personality and culture, intimate might mean different things. We think of an intimate celebration when the number of guests is anywhere from 2 to 70. And this our favorite celebration to plan! (anything between 12 and 30 is ideal for connection). However, if you resonate with our process and our values, but have a larger wedding, I’ll be delighted to discuss with you on ways to still make it a more meaningful experience. For weddings of more than 150 guests, we will happily guide you to towards other planners.

I would like to have a multi-day affair for my wedding celebration. Are you open to plan that as well? 

We would love to!!! Having multiple days to spend celebrating with your loved ones is the best (believe us, we talk from experience!) We can plan the entire experience from welcome dinners to farewell brunch all in between! We highly recommend a multi-day experience for smaller celebrations, specially if its a destination wedding. 

Do you require a deposit to reserve your services? 

Yes. Once you are ready to move forward with us, you will need to sign a contract and send a non-refundable booking deposit of 40 % in order to secure your date. The rest of the fees are divided into two payments . All payments are due at the latest 2 weeks before the wedding or event celebration. 

Do you work with commissions?

No, we don’t. We only recommend vendors based on skill and suitability, people who share similar values, aesthetics and overall ethos, always having your best interests at heart. In our welcome guide, you will receive a list of recommended suppliers and those will differ depending on each couple. When you receive these recommendations from us, you can be sure that they are the best for you and the type of wedding experience you desire and not chosen because the supplier will pay a commission to be referred.

We have booked a planner already but really love your styling and floral designs. Would you be open to work with another planner? 

Of course! If your planner is open to collaborate with us, we would love to do your styling and floral design. However, the other way around is not possible. If you hire us as your planner, we will take care of all the design elements to really make sure that we translate the feeling you want into the wedding experience. We work with a very intuitive process when it comes to planning and design that makes them inseparable and we rather not relinquish design and styling to someone else. We are open to co-create with another florist you love, if their style and values align with ours especially when it comes to sustainability. 

Can we hire you to do day of coordination only?  

Because of our approach, we are not able to offer day of coordination. We don’t believe that someone can show up on your wedding day and and be familiar with all the inner workings of your day or be aware of your wants and needs, let alone execute your day in a seamless way. Without going through the planning together, you cannot really have the level of trust you require to not be stressed on your wedding day. 

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